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About Us

Stanley Watkins is the Founder and Owner of City Strata Consulting, LLC with over 40 years of experience of improving and sustaining neighborhoods and communities.  He has a wealth of experience in urban planning, housing and community development, and helping organizations better engage and work in neighborhoods and communities.  As an active member of the Charlotte community, he served in the City of Charlotte Planning Department for over two decades with leadership roles in long-range and strategic planning divisions.


He also spent an additional decade serving as the director of the City of Charlotte housing and community development department. Stanley Watkins has contributed to the American Dream of Homeownership and measuring the Quality of Life in urban areas.  He has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from East Carolina University and an accomplished list of awards, certifications and acknowledgements including Institute of Government Municipal Administration Certificate, Housing Development Finance Professional Certification and 2005 NeighborWorks Government Service Award


City Strata Consulting, LLC was established in 2009 to continues his commitment to neighborhoods and communities by combining his experience and expertise in planning, housing and community development and organizational development to work with municipal governments and nonprofits to improve and sustain places where people live.  City Strata Consulting is known for its responsiveness, integrity, service orientation and knowledge-based decision-making approach to solving client problems. We encourage you to join a long list of Clients as we continue “Creating Sustainable Communities.”