Creating Sustainable Communities

Consulting Services

City Strata Consulting (CSC) services are geared toward creating sustainable communities.   Below are our service offerings in more detail:


Urban Planning Services 

  • Conduct community engagement activities including design, facilitation, presentation and evaluation. 
  • Develop city, community and neighborhood plans that focus on land use, design, implementation and community capacity building. 
  • Undertake studies of plans and zoning codes for future improvements. 
  • Assess and make process improvements for planning and zoning programs. 
  • Prepare grant applications, research, analysis and reports to meet critical client deadlines.
  • Monitor and conduct evaluations to determine effectiveness and the efficiency of planning programs. 

Housing and Community Development Services 


  • Design, develop and implement community housing policies, strategies and programs to increase community-housing production. 
  • Preparing housing analysismarket studies and compliance reports to support federal, state and local affordable housing programs. 
  • Develop and analyze Pro Formas for housing development projects.
  • Prepare grant applications to solicit funds for housing and community development.
  • Prepare Request for Proposals for housing developments to seek qualified developers, planners and engineers.
  • Prepare economic development plans and analysis for projects.  
  • Prepare and analyze economic development Pro Formas for federal, state and local programs. 

Organizational Development Services 


  • Provide facilitation for governing boards, staff retreats and meetings to address governance and organization challenges. 
  • Develop strategic plans to focus an organization's attention and create alignment to achieve organizational goals. 
  • Develop business plans to achieve high organizational performance and employee engagement.
  • Conduct customer and employee surveys to identify and resolve customer service delivery issues.
  • Provide evaluations of ineffective organization policies, programs, and services. 
  •  Assist non-profits in preparing 501(c)3 Certifications.  
  • Design, develop and implement training programs to improve organization execution.